Guide to The Rocks Sydney

{ Faux Leather Jacket - Zara, Dress - Free People, Rings - Lovisa, Watch - Michael Kors }

Aroma Festival: Sunday 27 July, 10am – 5pm, with workshops and events throughout July

So this weekend was spent roaming the Rocks! To be honest I never really thought much of this place, or have really appreciated it for all that it's worth. Opinion's however do change. Today I realised that the Rocks is pretty rocking. Yep. I said that thing that I just said. It is though...

For starters it's basically 100% heritage listed, or somewhat nearly there. The old school stone and brick houses are full of character and history. Sneak up the cobble laneways, staircases and enjoy panoramic views from the Pylon Lookout. You're near the harbour - enough said. Say "I could do that" as you wander through the Museum of Contemporary Art and leave sadly knowing that you really couldn't, because if you could you would. Also visit the understated Justice and Police Museum and learn about Australia's early thugs and gangsters. If you're really keen walk to the nearby Domain, from which you can venture to the tranquil and beautiful Botanical Gardens; and don't forget one of Sydney's best spots - Observatory Hill. There's so much more than the tourist friendly markets, as the snaps today revealed...

1. cold-drip coffee with ginger
2. blue skies and busy crowd at the Aroma Festival
3. ring details
4. running into the boys with their bikes
5. more blue skies before the clouds disappeared!
6. ice mocha martini @ the pub (tbfiguredout)
7. double beef burger @ the Argyle with an extra pattie on the house
8. foliage near the pub toilet (ha)
9. deciphering the flowers are fake but still appreciating the Argyle buildings
10. enjoying a cider
11. the Opera House view @ the Glenmore Rooftop Bar [Highlight! I'm definitely going to book out the "Utzon's Corner" for an intimate gathering and gorgeous view]
12. getting patriotic 
13. pondering
14. sunsets behind the Harbour Bridge 
...and I was reminded of a few...several important things today:

1. Running into friends randomly is the best feeling ever
2. ...Rather than run into friends randomly, plan ahead and catch up with said friends!
3. Take your camera with you everywhere, capture moments and memories 
(yeh "the iPhone is so good!", but the camera is better)
4. Your love-hate relationship with your phone can really piss you off. Sort this shit out - replace that iPhone cord you lost a few weeks after you got your phone with a real Apple cord instead of 10 thousand cheap replicas, or consider purchasing a cordless charger. 
(As you can probably tell I have a real-life terrible problem with iPhone chargers, cords...in general keeping my phone alive.)
5. Sydney Winter weather is your best friend. Soak it up. Get all up in that sun, and do not simply because your blood test and GP revealed you're actually really quite healthy, except you lack Vitamin D...but because the sun makes you happy (insert smiley face here) :). 
6. Rid of premeditated expectations!


and the leg bone's connected to the...

{ Panama Hat - Sportsgirl, Jeans - Dotti, Boots - Thrifted Bally, Faux Leather Jacket - Zara }

Apologies for the crotch shots, but hey I'm loving these jeans. So warm, so comfy. 


ripped jeans, white shirts

{ White Shirts - J-Crew, Highrise Ripped Ankle Jeans - Dotti, Travel Wallet - Mimco (old), Candles - Circa }

I cannot wait to wear these bad boys! I originally only wanted the vintage blue but succumbed and bought black 2 for $80. Cannot say no to that. High waisted and ripped knees (or more like below-the-knee because I am petite) = a perfect combo. As for the shirts, I've needed a plain basic white T-shirt for a long time. The boy shirt in classic white is a fit snug as J-Crew does quite well, and apparently so as they've added XXXS to their collection. I agree petite Asians do need them fitting jeans - especially boyfriends, not sure what or who would need any tighter though... Nonetheless I'm still on the look out for an oversized white shirt too. The embroidered bib peasant top in stripe is also a super lightweight shirt, which I've been layering on in Winter for a more bohemian look.