cali here we come

{ Jumpsuit - ASOS }

It was just bliss sun baking at Newport Beach with a slight breeze, warm water and the glorious sun beating down today...took these pictures post-trip. I'm wearing an ASOS jumpsuit with an asymmetric strap. Content with deciding to keep the bright print pantsuit, I wore it around the house long after I got home, because it's pretty damn comfy. Although, it is a tad long and I'm hoisting it up with a string from another ASOS jumpsuit, and then battling that it's-too-tight-around-my-ribs-because-I've-eaten-a-frikin-quater-chicken-plus-a-lot-of-other-shit but I-have-to-keep-it-on-or-else-i'll-be-basically-walking-on-a-magic-carpet-ride-that-is-this-crazy-jumpsuit.

Anyhow, Newport Beach, studying the OC for Trivia @ Goodgod on Wednesday...I'm basically reliving year 5 when I discovered the best show of all time, and deep feelings of insecurity and lack of confidence (Cohen!) in group hangs. Fk that though. In the words of "That's So Chic" chick..."I used to be really shy and I realised that life's too short to be in your own shell". Food for thought. 


hierarchy of needs

{ Top - J Crew, Slides - ASOS, Necklace - customised ASOS, Stripe Jumper - Temt, Shorts - Lee Jeans > Short, Bag - Thrifted, Sunglasses - Specsavers }

Ah biggest hangover Sunday, my body clock decided to actually work today when I was in desperate need of a sleep in. J and I took the opportunity to check out a new local cafe "Maslows" as the Spring weather kicked on.

Once a police station/garage the space has been transformed into the perfect breakfast/brunch spot with industrial vibes, alongside wooden fittings, long share tables, white washed walls and green succulents next to the condiments.

In need of a sugar fix I ordered a hazelnut shake because they were out of chocolate today, nor did they have brioche bread for my "Mr. Pig" burger. The bagel bread definitely sufficed, with a beautifully runny 62°C egg, baby salad, tender braised pork, Japanese Kewpie mayonnaise and a sweet chilli kick. So tasty and only $10. J ordered the "smoke on the water": house smoked trout, pea soup, beetroot cured egg and chorizo oil. Cutting seafood out of my diet at the moment kills because I really wanted to have a taste! She loved it and thought the coffee was a tad cold but "nice". Looks like I'll be back soon to give the coffee a try and order something sweet off the menu too.   

Today I wore my new slides and necklace after a long awaited ASOS order. The sandals are a little big so I've got to grip my toes on real tight but I'm still loving them. For the necklace I hid the dove charm behind my neck, preferring the finer and double layer detail. 

Till next time!


messy, frizzy and fluffy

{ Shirt - J Crew, Jumper - Asos, Cardigan - Thrifted, Sunglasses - gifted }

Grey on grey for a chilled weekend.